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Quotes and Bookings for Magicians in South Africa

Below you will find an alphabetical list of choices in your selected category. If you are looking for something specific <click here> for our search function or <click here> to contact us for a phone request or <here> for our quick quote form - also see <Cost Guidelines> and <Booking Process>

Adrian Smith | Magician and MC | Durban

Every performance is individually tailored for your organization. We’ll even bring up an audience volunteer and make him / her float in the air. This can be done to anyone you’d like and they don’t even have to be in on it!!!
Andre The Magician | Magician | Johannesburg

Forget any image you have of a ‘traditional’ magician. Andre is a magical entertainer who believes in making your event Number 1.
Andrew Herring | Magician | Durban

Andrew is a real magician, a mentalist, an executive performer, a full time artist and a perceptual visionary.
Bryan Miles | Illusionist and Magician | Cape Town

Bryan can seemingly influence and predict human behavior by using his skill set of magic, suggestion and psychology.
Bryan Miles
Colin Underwood | Magician and MC | Johannesburg

This is a fast-paced 40-minute variety show, laced with comedy and audience participation. It is one of a kind presented by the multi-talented Colin Underwood.
Gilan Gork | Mentalist and MC | Johannesburg

Gilan Gork is a renowned mentalist who specializes in showcasing these abilities in the most entertaining ways.
Ilan Smith | Magician and MC | Johannesburg

Ilan Smith, magician and illusionist, master of intrigue and wonder. Able to amaze, mystify and enrapture,
Imagine! | Magic and Illusion Variety Show | Cape Town

Imagine! An Illusion spectacular is an exciting, trendy and jaw-dropping astonishing new magic and variety show.
Imagine Variety Show
Jay-Cee | MC and Magician | Cape Town

On stage, Jay-Cee doesn’t use large illusion or apparatus, rather interaction with the audience. 
Larry Soffer | Mentalist and Magician | Cape Town

Success is never achieved by simply waving a magic wand. With hard work and endurance his efforts paid off and he managed to earn quite a substantial amount of money to reach his goal of attending F.I.S.M  
Magic Man | Magician and MC | Johannesburg

World-class performer Magic Man is one of the most experienced and well-travelled magicians in the country. He has been touring North America.
Marcel Pretorius | Magician and MC | Cape Town

Marcel Pretorius started his training as a magical entertainer in 1991 at the College of Magic . He graduated with his Junior Magician's Diploma in 1994 and has over the years acquired a variety of entertaining skills.
Matt Gore | Magician and Fire Artist | Cape Town

Corporate / Adult Entertainment - Matthew will amaze and entertain your guests with incredible Slight of Hand, intriguing Mind Reading and stunning Card and Coin miracles of magic.
Nick Andrews | Magician | Cape Town

Nick Andrews is an award-winning magician who graduated from the Collage of Magic in 2010.

Russell Fox | Magician and MC | Cape Town

Internationally Acclaimed Comedy Illusionist Russell Fox has over 10 years of international experience and exposure in the Magic Industry.His Stand-up Comedy Illusion Show LIVE and TWISTED arrived back in SA in 2008 after an International tour throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Seychelles. 
Stuart Lightbody | Magician | Cape Town

Stuart Lightbody's brand of magic is simply unique, and his skill leaves most magicians speechless, or at the very least jealous!
Stuart Taylor | Comedian and Musician | Cape Town

Best Known as "the guy from Going Nowhere Slowly” Stuart Taylor was the reigning SA National Comedy Magic Champion, a title that he held for 3 years.
Wolfgang Riebe | Comedy Magician and MC | Cape Town

If you want a success story at your next event, Wolfgang will inspire you with his special brand of fine magic and motivation. And, oh yes, he is only 41 years old.

Hypnotist Shows, Magic and Illusion, Cabaret, Interactive Team Building  

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